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Dear Friend of Good Shepherd

We are joyfully and comfortably situated in the Easter Season, having witnessed again the self-revelation of the Risen Christ to those closest to him. The resurrection ​stories are indeed a profound source of enlightenment and hope for the believer, especially all the neophytes who have entered into the Church. Our Easter ​programme of retreats have been particularly special, giving each retreatant a chance journey with the ‘first’ Eucharistic Community into Pentecost.

The recent Divine Mercy Retreat in particular, brought with it deep contemplation and prayer, as we reflected on the Infinite Mercy of God towards humanity. We ​dove into the depth of God unfathomable love for us hidden within the Mystery of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus. The Feast of Divine Mercy also ​emphasizes the nearness of God to us, His children, and His continual desire to not only share in our daily struggles but to assist us in every way,

on our journey to heaven..

The Easter Season anticipates, facilitates with and aligns us to the great outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. The newness that we already feel and the ​confidence it gives the believer to go out and share the Easter Gospel story of Christ, the God-Man, who died and is risen to save all of humankind, is a story just too ​beautiful to keep to ourselves. Principle within this unforgettable story is the story of ‘your’ personal life and ‘your walk’ with Jesus into your own

resurrected experience of life. Making sense of the resurrection stories as they are proclaimed in every Easter Mass, is a responsibility of each member of the Church ​in fulfilling his or her Christian Mission. And so, a retreat at Good Shepherd is always a wonderful, gentle way to process and work out these details with the Risen ​Eucharistic Lord.

For those of you who have not visited Good Shepherd Retreat Centre, and would like to experience a retreat or who would just like to visit the centre for personal ​prayer, please email us and we will be happy to help with that. Happy Easter again to you all and may Pentecost Sunday create a flourishing of the Spiritual gifts ​already existing within you. We will continue to keep all our patrons, suppliers, and associates in our prayers as we await the power of Pentecost to envelop the ​Church once again.


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